Hydraulic Systems

Remontowa Hydroster Systems

Our greatest competitive advantage is the diversity of products we have on offer worldwide. We deliver drives and hydraulic devices for the shipbuilding and offshore industry, as well as those intended for various land applications. Meanwhile we continuously implement new technologies and solutions in our products.The fact that the quality  of our products is certified by Classification Societies and institutions indicated by our clients is confirmation of our high-level expertise.

We ensure 24/7 worldwide service, a network of authorized service centers and aftersales assistance.

We offer:

  • watertight sliding doors for marine and offshore applications,
  • rotary vane steering gears,
  • piston type steering gears,
  • hydraulic systems drive and control according to customers’ requirements for marine (e.g. ro-ro systems) and overland (e.g. hydro technical systems) industry application,
  • screw pumps for marine & offshore,
  • power plants, oil & chemical industry,
  • hydraulic cylinders for special marine and overland industry applications.

For more information please go to www.rhs.rh.pl.

LNG Power Systems

Remontowa LNG Systems

We are a producer of complete LNG power systems, heat exchangers, pressure tanks and boilers used for the marine, chemical and petrochemical industry, as well as for power plants.

Our equipment is characterized by high quality and reliability. This is made possible by the use of new technologies and the innovative ideas of our staff.

Our swift reaction to our clients’ needs, together with our production diversification, including complete LNG power systems implementation, has placed us among an elite group of such suppliers in the world.

For more information please go to www.rls.rh.pl

Electrical Engineering & Automation

Remontowa Electrical Solutions

We operate on the marine and inland market in the fields of electro-automation and marine electronics. Company provides comprehensive project implementation, meaning turnkey products: including design, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning, maintenance and servicing.

We are one of the leading suppliers of switchgears, consoles, automation solutions, providing services on ships in ports and on-board, during vessel operations.

Switchboards and control consoles are designed and manufactured based top grade components from well-known manufacturers.

As an authorized sales representative and service provider, Remontowa Electrical Solutions provides delivery, installation and implementation of a wide range of systems.

Flying squads provide worldwide 24/7 services in the installation, conversions and repairs onboard.

For more information please go to www.res.rh.pl.

Industrial Luminaries

Remontowa Lighting Technologies

Remontowa Lighting Technologies SA is an industrial lighting fixtures manufacturer based in Gdansk, Poland. The company formerly known as Polam-Rem has been in the market since 1992, but the experience in the production of lighting fixtures goes back to 1955. Its offer includes the lighting designed for operating in the most demanding working conditions on vessels, off-shore, and in shipyard/ harbour infrastructure.

We offer a full range of products for the maritime industry:

  • ex-proof luminaires - Zone 1 and 2 (indoor and outdoor)
  • stainless steel floodlights
  • recessed indoor luminaries
  • surface mounted indoor luminaries
  • lighting for the crew workplaces
  • technical luminaries - both inside and outside the ship decks
  • lighting fixtures for halls and social rooms

Lighting Designs

Design Department supports the electrical designers with a comprehensive service of lighting design. We provide light intensity calculation reports in accordance with the latest standards, as well as technical drawings of lighting layout on the facility projection.
More details about the offer available at: www.rlt.rh.pl

Coating Systems

Remontowa Coating & Equipment

We specialize in providing corrosion and equipment protection in marine, offshore and inland industry. We are able to match the highest technical and quality requirements  set by leading producers of anticorrosive paints and Classification Societies. Flexibility and an individual approach to our clients’ expectations are a guarantee of our professional service and quality of performance.

We have a comprehensive infrastructure for conducting  the entire scope of works according to our activity profile.

Corrosion protection

  • surface preparation using a variety of methods, such as abrasive blast cleaning or high pressure water cleaning
  • all types of paint coating application


  • setting of different types of isolation
  • installing of wall and ceiling shuttering
  • fitting of  furniture and accessories
  • pins welding

For more information please visit www.rce.rh.pl.

Marine Interiors


Comprehensively we have been equipping ship's interiors for 60 years. We are the biggest factory of the ship's equipment in Poland.

Ships equipped in our products – furniture designed and manufactured by FAMOS – are sailing under various flags all over the world / worldwide. We are offering functional and modern solution what results in long-time cooperation and trust of our consumers.

Since 2013 new area of activity has been launched with aim to offshore market. Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2008 certificate confirms high quality of services and products that we offer.

Primary product line:

  • Pieces and sets of furniture.
  • wall panels,
  • laminated mineral-core walls and ceiling panels,
  • metal ceiling panels of caisson, batten, plate and self-supporting types,
  • doors (B15, A0, A30, A60),
  • metal beds,
  • metal lockers,
  • prefabricated elements of solid wood.

Long time experience on domestic and foreign markets in furniture production for maritime industry, requiring best quality of performance as well as durability and reliability, allowed us to develop our activity and successfully enter into a land-based sector.

For more information please go to www.famos.pl.

Interior for public premises


Our history goes back to 1956 when the company Ship Furniture Famos was founded in Starogard Gdański. The factory originally focused on the production of furniture for ships complying with the tough requirements in place concerning the high quality of workmanship and durability in our products.

Our considerable experience on the domestic and foreign markets in producing furniture for the maritime industry encouraged us to expand our activity and to enter the land-based market, which has proved a fine success.

Famos Sp.z.o.o is now a rapidly evolving private company specialising in the production of high quality furniture for the HoReCa sector such as hotels, offices, banks, theatres, libraries, restaurants, assembly and concert halls.

We use only the highest quality of materials in our production, utilising new technologies and state of the art equipment in all our manufacturing. Our skilled and experienced staff take pride in their work and it is their involvement and passion for creation which guarantee our customers’ well-being and comfort.

In May 2006, the company acquired The Certificate of Quality Management ISO 9001:2000 for design, production and installation works of furniture and steel equipment for ships and land-based buildings. The certificate was renewed on 12th May 2009 acc. to the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2008.

We are happy to take on new challenges and pride ourselves in maintaining the highest possible standards in our work. Up to now, we have equipped the premises of such global brands as Hilton, Sheraton, Scandic, Holiday Inn, Radisson.

For more information please go to www.famos.pl.