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24 october 2022

Production of Polish Ro-Pax ferry has begun

On October 24, 2022, a ceremony was held at Remontowa Ship Repair Yard in Gdansk to cut the first steel for the Ro-Pax ferry, newbuilding no. 101, the first in a series under construction within the contract signed on November 26, 2021.

- The new vessels have been designed completely and from scratch for service in the Baltic Sea area. Therefore, they have a chance to meet the challenges posed and strengthen the position of Polish shipowners - said Maciej Furmanski, CEO of Polish Ferries, at the ceremony.

- Unity Line, a Polish Steamship Group company, will operate the vessel, opening a new chapter in Baltic shipping regarding modern technical standards and environmental friendliness. As a company with over seventy years of experience operating in the international shipping market, we can appreciate a reliable business partner, which is exactly what the 'Remontowa' Group is for us. This brand is recognised worldwide for its reliability and high service standards - Andrzej Wróblewski, CEO at Polsteam, pointed out.

This is a great moment for us as shipbuilders. Our competencies and vast experience, knowledge of our engineers and constructors, accumulated over the years in our Group's shipyards, will now strengthen the competitiveness of Polish shipowners, which will also translate into securing employment for the cooperating companies with which we are working this project. We are proud to have been entrusted to build these vessels - added Adam Ruszkowski, CEO of Remontowa Holding.

Zbigniew Sulatycki, Master Mariner and Chairman of the Maritime Council, started the cutting machine.

The steel elements, once cut, will go to the prefabrication halls for flat sections and semi-finished parts. These will be welded, forming the spatial sections for the hull blocks. The ferry, including the superstructure, will comprise 13 blocks, built from 265 sections. Finally, the completed blocks will be moved into the floating dock at Remontowa, where they will be assembled into a single hull.