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18 july 2022

The “Shipyard" exhibition supported by Remontowa Holding

At the European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk on 15 July 2022, the exhibition "SHIPYARD. Man. Industry. The City.” was open, illustrating 150 years of history and traditions of the shipbuilding industry in the city.

Throughout its post-war history, the shipyards in Gdansk have provided jobs for several hundred thousand people. They were the most important workplaces in the region and opened up opportunities for social advancement, professional development and a better life.

In the past, one of the most known shipbuilders in Europe was the Gdansk Shipyard, which no longer exists. Today, the largest shipyard still in operation is Remontowa Holding, which employs almost eight thousand people and includes, among others, the Remontowa Ship Repair Yard, the largest in Poland and one of the largest companies of its kind in Europe.

The exhibition features 241 objects presented from the collections of 50 institutions. These include shipyard workers' working tools and clothing, posters, company diplomas, ID cards or a model ship, and art that illustrates the theme. All are enriched with photographs, films and multimedia.

The figure and achievements of Piotr Soyka, one of the most eminent creators of the Polish shipbuilding industry and founder of the Remontowa Holding group, are also highlighted. You can learn about the history and present of this company, which today continues the best traditions of the Gdańsk Shipyard, cooperating with shipowners worldwide.

- This exhibition is important to me because of my Father, who formed part of the shipyard's history, the more contemporary one. Therefore, I am very happy that part of the exhibition talks about his work and what he created - said Joanna Łepek, one of the daughters of the late Piotr Soyka, at the exhibition’s opening.

The temporary exhibition "SHIPYARD. Man. Industry. The City." can be visited at the European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk until September 30, 2023.