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28 april 2023

The first SIGINT ship under production

On Thursday, 27 April, steel for the first of a series of two SIGINT (signal intelligence) type radio-electronic reconnaissance ships for the Polish Navy was cut at Remontowa Shipbuilding. The ships will support intelligence acquisition and conduct hydroacoustic reconnaissance based on sounds generated by submarines.

The ceremony was attended by, among others, Vice Admiral Jarosław Ziemiański - Inspector of the Navy, Commander Piotr Skóra – Chief of Maritime Technology - Armament Agency, Mats Wicksell - CEO and Head of SAAB Kockums AB, Lars Brännström - Deputy CEO of SAAB Kockums AB, Jyrki Kujansuu - President of SAAB Technologies, Magnus Nelsen - Project Manager, representatives of shipyards from the Remontowa Holding group, as well as representatives of the Polish Navy, financial institutions and companies directly cooperating in the construction of these modern ships.

The main contractor is SAAB Kockums AB, which signed a contract with the Armament Agency in November 2022 for the design, construction, delivery and logistical support of two such vessels under the programme codenamed Dolphin for the Polish Navy. The Swedish company is also responsible for integrating advanced systems for intelligence missions.

Remontowa Shipbuilding is building complete and fully outfitted ships except for radio-electronic reconnaissance systems. The Polish shipyard will conduct the necessary trials and commissioning, including the Harbour Acceptance Tests (HAT) and Sea Acceptance Tests (SAT). It will then deliver the ship to the Swedes, who will retrofit it with specialised signal intelligence systems.